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Having a baby is a joyous time in any parent’s life, but getting the right crib for the baby is an important decision. Above all, you’ll need to take into account the space in your room. That brings us to our listing of the best cribs for small spaces.

You need to look at safety, comfort, and storage. You can’t compromise on any of these things. 

Choosing the right crib for your babies is very important, as it’s where a lot of your baby’s earliest memories are formed. 

No parent would ever want their child to feel any kind of discomfort. But if you live in a small space, finding the right crib is a challenge. 

Cribs are more than just a piece of furniture. They need to be safe and sturdy

While you might think that a bigger crib will be safer for your baby, a small crib will give you more space in your room.

Think of a standard-sized crib. That’s essentially what a small crib is. These cribs have no issues fitting into tight areas, from apartments, to even tiny nurseries.

Small cribs are available in various styles, including traditional, convertible, and travel cribs. 

They typically offer pretty similar specs to a standard crib, but are smaller. We’ve created this guide to help you. 

Let’s begin with a quick look at the best cribs available on the market.

A Quick Glimpse…

  1. Convertible Mini Crib by DaVinci
  2. Violet Convertible Mini Crib by Dream On Me
  3. Addison Convertible Mini Crib by Dream On Me
  4. Grey Convertible Crib by Delta Children
  5. Aden Convertible Crib by Dream On Me

Now, let’s discuss each of them in detail.

5 Best Cribs For Small Spaces

1. Convertible Mini Crib by DaVinci: A perfect, space-efficient solution

This is a crib that will grow with your child, and the mattress can be adjusted to accommodate growing babies.

It’s compact and convenient when folded, making it ideal for parents with a small house or apartment.

Because of its smaller size and rolling wheels, you can easily move the crib around the house.

The folding functionality allows you to easily store the crib when not used. 

This mini crib can also be easily packed away, taken on vacation, or brought to a friend’s house for a playdate. 

Among all other things, it’s stylish and will fit in with any home décor. Not only that, but it’s sturdy, reliable, and offers value in every sense.

The Convertible Mini Crib by DaVinci is made of solid wood with a water-resistant and non-toxic finish.

It’s space efficient and, therefore, it will look great in your small child’s room. 

This mini crib is lightweight and converts to a twin bed, allowing it to grow with your child beyond the nursery years. 

The mattress is waterproof, and the sides feature a sturdy and durable mesh. 

The crib is tested for lead and other toxic elements and meets rigorous safety standards.

You can buy this product for approx. USD 249-250.


  • The crib is Greenguard Gold Certified
  • Can accommodate growing babies
  • Compact size and convenient
  • Has a Non-toxic finish
  • Scientifically tested and proven
  • Has a waterproof mattress
  • Strong and sturdy build
  • Features lockable wheels


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Hard to fold

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2. Violet Convertible Mini Crib by Dream On Me: A versatile and stylish crib

Our next mention in this listing of the best cribs for small spaces is a versatile and stylish addition to any baby’s nursery. 

This portable, three-position firm mattress support system can be adjusted to three different positions to grow with your child. You can convert it into a mini daybed and twin-size bed.

It has a lovely flowing design that will go with a wide range of decorative styles. 

As your baby starts growing, this unique mini baby crib can easily transform into a comfortable daybed.

Once your baby outgrows the need for a mini bed, the mattress support system can be removed, and the bed converts into a full-sized twin bed. 

This mattress has a maximum weight limit of about 50 lbs. 

The Violet Convertible Mini Crib by Dream On Me is crafted with a non-toxic, one-of-a-kind finish that adheres to ASTM and CPSC standards and is easy to clean. 

You can also buy a mini-portable mattress made of high-density foam, all covered in soft and comfortable microfiber. This mattress fits together with the Violet Convertible Crib to provide your baby with a safe and comfortable place to sleep.

This mini crib is available in the range of about $159.99 USD.


  • Mattress support system with three positions
  • Transforms into a mini daybed and a twin-size bed
  • Can be used as a portable modern crib
  • The finish is non-toxic
  • All ASTM and CPSC standards are met


  • Poor customer service
  • Bedding and mattress are not included

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3. Addison Convertible Mini Crib by Dream On Me

The ideal nursery solution for small spaces, this particular crib made for small spaces keeps up with your growing child’s changing needs. 

It can be transformed into a mini daybed and a twin-size bed. 

This crib is made of solid pinewood cribs and has a flowing, curvy design. 

It is ideal for making the most of small spaces or co-sharing with your baby. The crib has a three-position adjustable mattress height that you can change as your child grows. 

Ideal for urban living, the crib boasts a space-saving design that is both comfortable and compact. 

You can convert the bed into one full-size bedding, a daybed, or simply a mini toddler bed, helping you save money and space.

The Addison Convertible Mini Crib by Dream On Me is among the best values for your money. Plus, it is great for those on a budget or those who like the minimalist style. 

This crib is JPMA certified and meets all ASTM and CPSC safety standards. 

Different color schemes are available for this crib, with certain ones costing more than others.

Its starting price is around $149.99 USD.


  • Convertibility options and minimalist design
  • Three adjustable mattress heights
  • Meets all applicable JPMA, ASTM, and CPSC standards
  • Includes all tools and assembly instructions


  • The average crib mattress will not fit
  • Bed rails are not included

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4. Grey Convertible Crib by Delta Children

This next mention in our buying guide deserves to be on our list of the best cribs for small spaces. 

It’s understated and simple, yet absolutely charming and works in the traditional or modern nursery. This versatile, beautiful crib offers you a variety of options and adjustability. 

The crib offers great value. That’s because it has three unique positions to alter the height of the mattress. This makes it possible for you to reduce the height of the mattress as the baby gets taller. 

It’s available in various colors to suit your taste and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

The convertible crib is punched with playful and incredibly bold hues that complement the nursery and bring life to small spaces. 

The product is made of solid wood with a laminated particleboard. Other than that, this crib is sturdy, strong, and well-built to last through years of use. 

It doesn’t compromise your child’s safety and comes in various beautiful designs. This crib fits a standard-size crib mattress and is available in multiple finishes. 

The brand aims to make high-quality and safe baby cribs accessible to all families. 

The Grey Convertible Crib by Delta Children is available for $140 USD on various eCommerce sites, including Amazon.


  • Made of high-quality wood
  • Crib is convertible
  • Has adjustable mattress positions
  • Simple to assemble
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Fits a standard-size crib mattress


  • Typically too small for most 
  • The Metal Bed Frame and Daybed Guardrail Kit must be bought separately

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5. Aden Convertible Crib by Dream On Me

This gorgeous crib grows with your baby. 

It has a sturdy appearance and a solid frame. It’s equipped with a four-position mattress height setting and is made with high-quality pine softwood. 

This lovely nursery furniture grows with your child, easily transitioning into a toddler twin-sized bed. Other than that, your baby can use it as a daybed as well. 

The classic design features a smooth style that will brighten up any nursery. 

The particular convertible crib is available in five colors. You’ll notice that it has a curved style that is both modern and impeccably designed to fit in with any decor. 

Lightweight, high-quality pinewood adorns this beautiful crib, which has been designed specifically with the safety of your baby in mind. It’s JPMA certified and complies with all applicable ASTM and CPSC standards. 

All assembly tools are included, and for the best fit, we highly recommend you the portable baby crib mattress by Dream On Me.

These mattresses are Greenguard Gold certified and, of course, non-toxic.

You can buy the Aden Convertible Crib by Dream On Me for $168.99 USD from Amazon or another similar eCommerce website. 


  • Four-position mattress height setting
  • Made with high-quality pinewood
  • Minimalist design
  • Non-toxic and baby-safe finish
  • All safety regulatory standards are met


  • Has very odd measurements
  • Twin-size bed frame and twin mattress not included

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Best Toddler Cribs For Small Spaces: Buying Guide 

Choosing a crib for your newborn baby is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. It’s especially difficult when you’re limited on space.

With so many options available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. We’ve compiled a few pointers to help you find the ideal small crib for you:

Fix a Budget

Raising a toddler can leave a hole in your wallet. You have to consider your budget and narrow down your options. 

Mini cribs are comparatively cheaper than standard ones. You can find ways to cut costs and purchase the ideal crib that will fit your child’s needs.

Size Does Matter

You need to accurately measure where to place the mini crib. 

A wrong-sized crib will take up a lot of space. Besides, your toddler will not love it for sure.

Mind the Weight

If you want a crib that can be easily moved, consider opting for a lighter mini crib. It will help you to move and fold it conveniently.

Account for Safety

When purchasing a crib, your number one priority should be your baby’s safety. 

Examine the crib for any bumps or pointy edges that could cause injury. 


There’s a wide selection of cribs that can serve as an ideal space for your baby, fitting perfectly in with your house. We’ve researched the best of these cribs for you so that you can save yourself a lot of headache.

We tested cribs that fit into spaces as little as five inches. Whether you’re looking for a traditional-style crib or something more modern, you’ll find something here to suit your needs.

These affordable cribs are considered to be perfect for smaller nurseries, or even for use as portable baby cribs for travel. 

They’re lightweight and easy to move, so you can take them wherever you go. Because they’re small, they’re also more affordable than larger cribs.

We hope you enjoyed our article on the best cribs for small spaces. 

Remember to share this article with your friends and close ones. Leave a comment about your favorite crib for small spaces as well!

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